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FOH Speaker system
4x JBL SRX 725
4 x JBL SRX 728s subs
3-way system

10,000 watts FOH power all QSC
FOH Power
Avid SC-48 mixing console
40 channel 150’ snake with passive split


Monitor speaker system
8 EagleWorks M115 1-15” 1-1.4” Coaxial floor wedges Mix 1,2,3 6 across the front; Mix 4,5 floating mixes
1 Maryland Sound Ma-3 2-15” 2-10” 1-2” Drum box
Monitor Power
6 Crown 6500 24 X 6
1 Mackie 1400i Drum monitor LOW
1 Samson Hid Hi amp for Drum Hid - high
9000 watts total program for wedge mixes (1500 watts per mix X6)
2000 watts total program for drum box mix
40 channels of split input.
1 27 channel stage drop box SR
1 16 channel stage drop box SL
1 8 channel stage drop box downstage
20 various round base mic stands
20 various tripod base mic stands
50 XLR cables
8 passive DI boxes
1 active DI box
8 Shure SM58 mics
8 Shure SM57 mics
3 Shure Beta57 mics
2 Shure 10A mics
2 CAD vocal Condensors
2 Audio Technica condensors
2 CAD Condensors
4 Sennheiser 904
1 Shure Beta 52
1 Shure TB mic w/switch
2 Audix D6
2 Shure SM7 Large diaphragm condensors


Lighting System:
Avolites Titan Mobile Board

7 ROBE Lightforce RGBW LED Cans
8 Blizzard QFX RGBW LED

3 Chavret LED Panels (overhead stage wash)
3 Likos front spots
3 ROBE Lightforce RGBW LED Cans (forward stage wash)

1507 SE 39th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

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